Welcome to Global Medical Transcription

Global Medical Transcription LLC was founded in 2000 to provide a solution to problems with provider inefficiency in the medical documentation. GMT brings solutions of increased quality and seamless EHR integration while providing cost savings to its health care industry partners.

GMT has been active in advanced Healthcare IT initiatives, earning a distinguished track record of successes that includes interfacing with any Electronic Medical Record Vendor. By identifying and implementing strategic tactics to enhance growth, we serve as a liaison between physicians, their offices and the designing of technologies to better assist work flow strategies. By bridging these gaps with simple, easy to use, and efficient systems software, GMT makes physicians more productive. We are a company that listens to your needs and finds solutions to your problems.

We understand we are an important part of the medical care you provide. Our commitment to your medical documentation process is one of making it:

  • Easy: We’ve made our technology as easy as a child’s toy. With our technology, physicians can focus on people, not waste time with over-complicated technology. Diagnosing is the hard part, documenting the visit needs to be easy.
  • Personal: At least one transcriptionist or scribe is assigned specifically to a provider, so they become familiar with their voice. Our transcriptionist personally gets to know a provider’s dictation style. A physician decides on how they want all information presented and in what way. Templates, macros and formats are all customizable and at no extra charge.
  • Fast: Our turnaround time is the next day. We improve continuity of care by speeding up the process of sharing information. Referring physicians need to have the same exam and test results as the specialists. In addition, our speed reduces the chances of unnecessary and duplicate tests. We minimize your patient’s/client’s stress by providing them their results in a more timely manner.
  • Accurate: Along with our unique software, quality control is another major factor that separates GMT from the rest of the industry. Most companies like to talk about an acceptable error percentage. An error is not acceptable. GMT’s solution is an unheard of additional step, a fourth level of Quality Assurance. We call it our “last line of defense”. We have over 90 proofreaders, who make make the patient record becomes as accurate as humanly possible.