• What format does the dictation need to be submitted in?

    GMT accepts any form of dictation and transforms it into an electronic or paper document that can be integrated into a patient’s EHR chart.

  • How does the transcription process work?

    1. Using a smart phone, laptop, iPad, telephone, digital recorder or desktop of preference, the doctor dictates notes.
    2. Upon submission the report is instantly encrypted and sent to a highly trained medical transcriptionist.
    3. The transcriptionist produces a professional medical report that goes through 4 levels of quality assurance checks to verify accuracy.
    4. Physician approves the completed document, which is then automatically integrated into the patient’s EHR and sent to other providers affiliated with that patient’s care.
  • Is it possible to customize the reports according to our practice preferences?

    Absolutely. The client project team will design and create a customized template that will meet the specific needs of your practice.

  • What changes would occur in the physician’s workflow process?

    1. With GMTs mobile app the physician has much more flexibility regarding when and where documentation is completed.
    2. GMTs 4 step quality assurance system ensures physicians spend less time correcting transcription mistakes.
    3. Physicians spend less time on documentation and therefore have time to see additional patients.
  • What is the initial cost of set-up?

    Not a thing. GMT believes a practice should only pay for the reports it receives. That’s what you hire us to do.

  • What length of commitment does GMT require?

    None. At GMT, we have enough confidence in our ability to produce the quality you want that we do not require you to sign a contract. Our confidence is justified by our over 95% client retention rate since we started in 2000. Companies know what is in their best interest. They stay with GMT because we’re that good.

  • Is GMT equipped to handle our practice as it expands?

    Yes. Our robust technology provides continuity for your growing practice no matter how many patients are walking in your door.

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