Dictation in the Palm of Your Hand

What good is technology if it only makes documentation more aggravating? GMT’s mobile app allows physicians to focus on the patient, not on documentation. No more struggling with multiple steps, buttons and the fear of losing an audio. Now dictation is a seamless part of the physician’s workflow, becoming the bridge between the patient visit and their electronic medical record.
The GMT difference starts with the way data is collected. A physician can choose their iPhone, Android device, iPad/iTouch, or any combination that suits them. GMT takes the dictation in any form and transforms the data into a professional document. Whether your practice prefers them in digital form or printed complete with letterhead, we prepare your clinician notes for easy integration into your EHR and delivery to the referring providers
Every step of the GMT process is HIPAA compliant so the data is instantly encrypted before it leaves your office. The file goes directly to a highly trained medical transcriptionist specifically assigned to a practice and every document GMT transcribes goes through four separate levels of quality assurance and returned the next day. One might think that level of accuracy would require a lengthy lag time, but GMT has the process down to a science to provide a transcription service that is both fast and accurate. Once the report has physician approval it can be automatically faxed out as well as integrated into the patient’s EHR.

Interact with your patients, not your computer.

1. Dictation

  • Physicians dictate by utilizing the mobile application, a personalized digital recorder, or our toll free 866 medical transcription service. The mobile application can be used on any Apple iOS or Android device.
  • When dictating via the mobile application, simply press the record button and click upload when finished dictating.
  • When dictating via a personalized digital recorder, it is as simple as connecting to a computer and watching as the files are automatically encrypted and electronically sent to Global Medical Transcription to be typed.
  • When dictating via a telephone, physicians simply dial our 866 number and use the touch pad to record, rewind, fast forward, playback, etc.

2. Medical Transcription

  • Each provider has at least one dedicated Medical Transcriptionist who will become accustomed to their style and voice.
  • All templates, formats and macros are customizable at no charge, to allow for a seamless transition into Global Medical Transcription. The client letterhead is embedded in each document at no additional cost to eliminate outside printing expenses.
  • Digital technology allows for the management of the audio files for decreased errors in transcribing reports by our typists.

3. Quality Assurance

  • Each dictated report receives four levels of Quality Assurance
    • Medical Transcriptionist
    • Supervisor
    • Clinician
    • Proof Reader: To eliminate any mistakes, our last level of quality assurance involves employees who listen to the dictation and verify the dictated word versus what was typed on the report. This ensures that each and every word on each and every document is as perfect as humanly possible.

4. Transcribed Documents

  • By the next business day, your transcribed documents have undergone our Quality Assurance process and are ready to be downloaded to your Network through GMT’s HIPAA compliant Document Manager software.

5. Document Management

  • All medical transcribed reports are returned and archived in a database.
  • Transcribed reports are searchable by patient name, medical record number, report type, date of visit, date of birth or physician.
  • All digital dictations are stored along with the transcribed documents for verification. At GMT, our clients have never had to re-dictate a patient report.

6. Document Manager – EMR Interface

  • Once reports are reviewed and signed, the completed dictated report can be sent automatically into the patient’s electronic medical record. No pointing, no clicking and no entering data.