The sweet spot between technology and physician productivity.

The challenge is to take advantage of technology without bogging down the physician. GMT has found that sweet spot by simplifying the process so clinicians can focus on patient care. The best technology in the world is of no use if the physicians in your practice won’t use it. This is why GMT integrates medical reporting into a simplified workflow process.

A physician should not be distracted or delayed trying to figure out which button to push. GMT technology streamlines the dictation/transcription process.

  1. Physicians have the freedom to use whatever technology they are already familiar with.
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  1. Tap the patient’s name, tap record and start talking. You are now dictating.
  2. Once finished the dictation is automatically uploaded through the app where it is received by your transcription team.
  3. By the next day, the completed report is available for physician approval and ready to integrate into the patients chart.