While we pride ourselves on our fast turn-around time, speed takes a back seat to accuracy.  At GMT, we understand medical transcription mistakes can be deadly.  GMT maintains a high quality assurance program different from any other transcription company in the market.

  • Transcriptionists are consistently assigned the same physicians. This repetition provides experience recognizing a physician’s style, voice, accent, and preferences.
  • Exclusive GMT software capable of medical accuracy.
  • Templates designed and customized for your specific practice
  • Auto-populating EHR fields that prevent possible keystroke errors.
  • Easy-to-use technology that allows clinicians to focus on content.
  • No second EHR report to write. Mobile reports can automatically integrate into the patient’s EHR.
  • Final proofreader who listens to the original dictation at a slower speed and compares it with the transcribed document.

This intense focus on quality has allowed GMT to maintain over 95% of its client base since the company was started.