1. GMT has been a game changer for me. I’m able to see 5-10 more patients a day and the quality of the dictations is outstanding. I love the iPhone platform and I love the setup online for editing notes

  2. We have physicians that have always been behind in their dictations. However, since we began using GMT, the physicians are now caught up. They like the ease of GMT, the customization GMT has provided for each physician, and the excellent support

  3. Would highly recommend GMT to anyone. They are tremendous on customer service, aim to please, and deliver what they say they will


  • “Exceptional product on all platforms.”

    Sean, Cardiac Vascular & Thoracic Surgery Associates

    Exceptional product on all platforms, web and app. Immediate ROI and Compliance for practices whose physicians have trouble keeping up with dictation. Superior customer support, everyone at GMT are exemplary. By far the best vendor we work with.

  • “The GMT app demo alone sold my docs on GMT.”

    Jennifer, The Philadelphia Hand Center

    Our physicians have resisted change to their dictation equipment and methods for years. However, the GMT app demo alone sold my docs on GMT. They love the convenience, the technology, that they can see their last note right on their device without having to log in anywhere....in fact they use their GMT app to look up patient clinical histories when they are on call. In addition to the docs’ positive experiences with GMT, we have found it to be a great system for several reasons, but most of all savings in staff time and real dollars. We have eliminated several tasks from our admin staff’s daily routines; we have decreased our hardware and software expenses; and our transcription turnaround time is better than ever and our referral sources have taken note and appreciate the rapid feedback, which is imperative in Orthopedics. We used to have to review every transcript that came back from our previous transcription services, make our changes, and manually drop them into our EHR. With GMT, most files get typed and dropped directly without staff intervention. Now, only those reports that we request to proofread for factual clarity (legal letters and IME’s) get proofread by us.