Medical practices must constantly balance performance with cost. It’s not enough to discover a good idea; the plan must make economic sense as well. Finding a transcription service that provides the accuracy necessary for good medical care, at a price that works for the practice, can be difficult. GMT offers a solution that combines the efficiencies of technology with the economical use of a transcriptionist.

With GMT there is no upfront capital investment and we do not require a time commitment. We have never needed one. Our clients stay with us because we serve them well.

A huge cost advantage to using GMT is the significant savings per line. GMT technology automatically populates a custom-designed template, thereby decreasing the number of dictated and transcribed lines by nearly 35%. In addition, content hard coded into the report are not billed for at all.  The end result, your practice pays for less lines than they would with an ordinary transcriptionist as well as a portion of the lines billed at a reduced rate. Consider the savings when 5-10 lines are shaved from thousands of reports each month. GMT clients report up to 55% cost reduction in the first year and the bottom line figuratively and literally, is money in the bank for you.

With the GMT platform, we don’t hide any of our costs. Many transcription companies quote a low per line price, but then tag on supplementary fees or count lines in a less advantageous way to the practice which can almost double the cost. Not GMT!

  • GMT never charges implementation fees.
  • GMT does not charge export fees.
  • GMT never charges support fees.
  • GMT never charges integration fees.
  • GMT never charges extra for mobile apps.
  • GMT never charges interface fees.
  • GMT never charges you to maintain equipment.
  • GMT provides accurate budget information. Cost is predictable and transparent.