Flexible Technology that Benefits Clinicians and Patients

Thanks to GMT technology, physicians can use a smart phone connection to create and manage HIPAA-secure, electronic health records. The GMT system allows documentation to fit into the physician’s workflow seamlessly.

Health records completed immediately after an examination and discussion with the patient are more likely to be accurate and complete. Unfortunately, most record-keeping systems are too time-consuming to allow for that. GMTs unique combination of dictation, speech recognition and templates speeds up the process without compromising accuracy. Physicians have the freedom to dictate the report immediately or use the GMT Mobile app to record the visit. When the completed report is returned, they have real-time, simultaneous access to view, edit, and authenticate documentation anytime, anywhere. Productivity is increased while turnaround time is significantly decreased.

Physician using GMT’s focused approach feel the advantages of dictating their notes while the patient is still in the room are:

  • Hearing exactly what will be recorded promotes an atmosphere of openness between physician and patient.
  • When the physician dictates in front of the patient, the patient hears what the physician has to say a second time. Patients are more likely to remember and follow instructions they have heard repeated.
  • Once the visit and the EHR documentation are completed, the physician can go to another exam room completely focused on the next patient.
  • Physicians no longer face two hours of documentation tagged on to the end of their work day.

GMTs three-fold approach extracts the best of dictation, templates, and auto-population.   Point and click systems that only capture isolated facts often miss the bigger picture. Good physicians are well aware that every patient is different and cannot be accurately represented by a series of checked boxes. GMT created a hybrid solution.

  • Dictation allows the physician to tell the patient’s individual story while still capturing all the facts.
  • Customized templates speed the process by using information that is already in the system to complete other fields. e.g. name, address, date of birth, sex, etc.
  • At the same time, GMT software auto-populates data to the EHR. A physician’s time should never be wasted on repetitious busywork—not even busywork that needs to be done. GMT relieves that burden.

The Cost in Time: 

  • 5 minutes documentation using Point & Click.
  • 9 minutes documentation using front-end speech recognition.
  • Only 1.4 minutes documentation with GMT.


Which option is best for your practice?